Monday, September 28, 2009


So Today I came across this awesome Giveaway! :)! Check it out here! Its for a FREE LILLY PULITZER MAKE UP BAG follow that link to see! Its very simple to enter...all you need to enter is your email address and a favorite item from the site! Here is a link to the store I absolutely love it! I have the Lilly Keychain and a travel mug! :)! Both very useful items! Click here to check out Lauren Nicole Gifts 


Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Find!

So I just discovered this incredible new website that has handmade crafts for sale directly from the creators! Be sure to check out after reading this blog! I can't wait to show you all my amazing finds! They have so many crafts featuring Lilly Pulitzer patterns...which you all know I love! 
So now its time for some pictures! One store I particularly loved shopping at on Etsy was Perfectly Preppy ! This user creates beautiful necklaces using Lilly Patterns. She also uses the Lilly to make several other crafts all for affordable prices! One of my favorite items was the Lilly Belt she makes! Now it is time to show pictures of what I purchased! 

This first bracelet I love! I can't wait for the Gators to playt this weekend so I can wear it! :)!
I got two of this bracelet...each with a different inspirational saying! One says Follow Your Heart the other Be Yourself! I love the little charms and the pink beads! :)! 
Now for the LILLY!!!
This is the first Lilly necklaces I ordered! This one was for me...and I got a matching one for my Mom's birthday! I loved the bright blue contrasted with the pink! :)! 

I ordered this second necklace for my Lilly loving friend Chelsie's birthday this Saturday! I can't wait to see her reaction! The colors are perfect for Chels! 

How could you not LOVE something that came wrapped in an adorable package like this? I felt bad opening my box because it was so cute! I left my Mom's intact so now I don't have to worry about wrapping anything! 

I hope you all enjoyed this INCREDIBLE find! I already have a list of new things I want to order from this website...I am just waiting until someone else's birthday comes I can use that as an excuse to buy myself something nice! :)!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello Everyone! 

Today in my education technology class we learned how to blog...haha! But honestly I did learn a few new tricks! I mean I already knew the basics like putting a picture in, changing the font, but today we learned how to take video from youtube (which given enough time I am sure I could figure out!) But I really wanted to test this out on my real blog rather than my "Class" blog...which is full of boring stuff! 

But I guess I should cut the class some slack I mean not everyone blogs...or knows how to use a mac (yes we had a test on using a mac!) But I am extremely excited for next weeks lesson because we learn how to use Photoshop! This is something I have yet to master but I absolutely LOVE photography! 

If I could drop out of school and support myself with all the random photos I take...I would in an INSTANT!... Unfortunately this is not fantasy world... so I must continue with school...But I figured I would attach a photo (using my nifty new abilities!) This is a photography I took this summer.. 

but I said from the beginning this blog would incorporate things that were Pink, Preppy, or related to my FAVORITE the Florida Gators! And I dont really think a picture of Lavendar fits here is another picture of the University of Florida Football stadium on GAMEDAY! I love the atmosphere on gameday, its crazy! 

of course I had to  add a picture of my FAVORITE Gator Football star...Number 15...Tim Tebow! :)! This Picture was taken during last football season!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Time to Decorate!

So, Like I promised here are some of my favorite decorations...which incorporated my LOVE of Lilly and the colors pink and green! It is also so rewarding when you make something yourself. 1. You Save Money and 2. You get to brag about the fact that YOU made it! :)! Not very worries! I will include STEP by STEP directions! :)! *Remember to use patience while crafting! :)!

Craft Number 1: Lilly Pencil Holder

Step 1: For this craft I began with a CLEAR container. It looked very plain and boring just sitting on my desk and I hated how you could see everything! I solved this problem by "Lillifying" (thats my new word) this boring old container! 
Step 2: I found a pattern I wanted to use, suggestions for this Google Image Search. Another idea is to use Lilly Wrapping paper or fabric. I did not have the patience to wait while Lilly wrapping paper was delivered so I just found an image online and decided to print it OVER and OVER and OVER again! Here is the image I used:

I actually used the website to piece this image together...the one I found was extremely small, so I used the collage option at picnik and made this! :)! And now ont0....
STEP 3: I printed this image using plain printer paper. When printing I printed the image 4x6 and this allowed for there to be 4 images per page. This project only required the two pieces of paper. 
Step4: Once printed, cut the images out and lay them together. I then taped them together and rolled the paper. Then slide it into the container. I used small pieces of tape to keep the paper stuck to the container. 
Step 5: For an extra special touch add a ribbon :)! Good Luck!! 

The finished product sitting on my desk :)!

Craft Number 2: Lilly Wall Hangings

I got this idea while making a frame for a you will learn later on Modge Podge may be my favorite crafting when making a frame with podge I use scrapbook paper. The paper I was using was pink and white polka dots and to finish the frame off I added a palm tree. For these wall hangings I decided to simply frame scrapbook paper with palm trees in the middle. It is probably the EASIEST craft I have ever done! 

So these are the finished products! All you need for this craft are frames (I used simple plastic box frames) Scrapbook Paper (any pattern of your chocie! I suggest a simple pattern because you do not want to pull away from the palm tree) And whatever you wish to place in the center (I obviously went with palm trees!) All of these items were purchased at Michaels for EXTREMELY low prices (Each frame was $2, The paper 50cents each, and each tree was 59 cents!) Can it get any cheaper than that?!?
Step 1: Once you have all the items you need it is TIME TO CRAFT! The first thing you are going to do is trace the frame onto the scrapbook paper. 
Step 2: Then cut the paper...once cut attach the paper to the frame (the FRames I used had cardboard boxes that I could easily adhere the paper to) 
Step 3: Then place the tree wherever it looks best! And then the CRAFTING is done! :)!
Step 4: Slide the finished product into the frame and your work is done! 
Below is an image of what the frames look like in my apartment! 

Craft Number 3: Lilly Initials 

I can't take credit for this idea, because I saw it on the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook Fan Page! But I did it on my own so I thought I would share! I found the initials at Michaels (my FAVORITE store!) But they were missing the "S" so I have yet to hang them up :(! Hopefully Michaels will get a "S" on Tuesday (for all those that dont know, this is when new deliveries arrive...dorky I know!) For this craft all you need is the Lilly Paper, Modge Podge, and the letters! I used the same paper from the Pencil my printer got used again! Here is a look at the finished product! :)!

Like I said..It is still missing the S! But now on to the directions! 

Step 1: Print paper with image you wish to use, then trace the letter. Once traced cut the letter out. 
Step 2: Using Modge Podge paint a thin layer on the back of the paper and another thin layer on the actual letter. Gently stick the paper onto the letter. Be careful sometimes when podging (my sorority sister decided to make this a verb since we LOVE it so much!) bubbles tend to form! 
Step 3: Once the letter is completely covered paint an EXTREMELY thin layer of podge on top of the paper. This will leave the letter with a smooth and glossy finish! 
Step 4: This is the step I have yet to do...HANG THEM UP! You can do this using nails or ribbon! I plan on using ribbon and hanging on my wall! I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product! 

Good Luck with all your crafting! Any questions feel free to ask! :)! Sorry if any directions were confusing! 

Fall=Move In

It is that time of year again...Schools are starting back are moving up a grade...and me...well I upgraded from a dirty dorm to an incredible off campus apartment!
 The only problem is having so much space that needs decorating! Lucky for me I have found some great crafting ideas! Most of these decorations were handmade for under ten dollars! 
Being a big fan of Green and Pink...Lilly Pulitzer has always been my favorite! So I decided to go with that theme when decorating my room! Finding a bed spread was difficult...because I wanted to keep my down comforter, but I could not find a Duvet I liked...but what I did find were some adorable Palm Tree sheets that when sewn together created the perfect duvet! The pink and green of the palm trees allowed me to continue with my Lilly theme! 

Now that the bed was all set up and decorated...(note this was day one...since then PINK curtains have been added)...It was time to decorate the bathroom. I found my shower curtain at target and immedietly fell in love with it! It is very simple but has all my favorite colors! Here is a picture: 

And now I will share MY FAVORITE part of my bathroom...I mean what kind of University of Florida student would I be if there wasnt a SINGLE Gator in my bathroom...Thanks to Target that problem was SOLVED!

Now on the spacious desk area...This is where I had the most room to decorate! I had a few things from my sorority that had to go up (my paddle and my quatrafoil) but the rest of the space was free! :)! And lucky for me my sisters know how much I love pink, so practically everything matched the color scheme! My crafting ability has definitely improved since last year and this has made decorating a breeze! :)! In my next blog I will post directions for the crafts you see! 

So that is a general overview of my NEW college apartment! :)! Unfortunately it will probably not stay this neat and tidy for long...but more decorations are being added and I cant wait to share them! :)! 


Friday, May 29, 2009

Its Pink and Its Cute!

Hey Everyone...So today I came across this amazing blogger...she has her own store...and there is currently a FREE giveaway going on! :)! that is the link to her store...this is the link to her blog... and this is the picture of the current giveaway! I definently recommend you check it out! :)! 

Pink Alligator Says Hello!

Hello Everyone...Pink Alligator here to say hello! Of course this is not my real name...hopefully you could figure that out on your own :)! But two things I love are the color pink...and my Florida Gators! :)! In this blog I plan on telling you about my life...finding cute items....especially pink ones! :)! And of course anything FLORIDA GATORS! :)!

The Pink Alligator! :)!